This is one of the most famous homœopathic remedies. It is the first remedy to think of for injuries involving bruising, wounds and shock/panic. Any type of injury may be helped by Arnica. This includes post surgery, a dental visit, a fall, head injury, injury to the eye, a car accident, delivering a baby, and any time the person feels bruised and battered.

Arnica montana flower

There are two characteristic mental states seen when this remedy is required. Quite often the person will say “don’t touch me!” they are scared any touch will make them worse. The other state is “don’t worry about me, I’m alright” when their situation is quite serious and they need professional help. This later state can be a guiding symptom even for illnesses such as an upper respiratory tract infection.

Arnica is a good remedy for bleeding. If there is heavy bleeding with a threatening abortion, this remedy can be taken in high potency, hourly to help alleviate this – of course seek medical advise while taking the remedy. It may also be of help when blood clots are present or suspected. It may help to alleviate pain in varicose veins. The remedy is sometimes known as a homœopathic blood thinner or homœopathic aspirin.

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