Gelsemium is a must have remedy for your first aid kit.

It helps with colds and flu type illnesses that are characterised by fatigue, exhaustion, drowsiness. The patient feels too weak to move. There will be generalised aches and pains including sore throat; fever and chills, and lack of thirst. There may also be a heavy feeling in the head, headache, double vision, heavy drooping eyelids and a dusky hue to the face.

It is a wonderful remedy for anticipation anxiety. This may be the classic stage fright or any type of performance, be that a job interview, an exam or fear of flying. It is very beneficial for students in this regard. Often this anxiety is accompanied with diarrhoea and increased urination, possibly stomach cramps due to the anxiety. Trembling, shaking and weakness may also be associated with this anticipation, or they may be paralysed with fear. It is a good remedy for fear of heights or of falling from a height.

The anticipation anxiety may result in a headache. This starts in the neck and feels like a tight band around the head. The classic tension headache. A peculiar symptom is the headache is slightly better after urination.

I used this remedy for my mother once when she had an episode of acute anxiety. This caused her heart rate to increase uncontrollably. She paced the room at night, too scared to go to bed lest she not wake up. One dose of Gels 30C and her anxiety disappeared, her heart rate returned to normal and she was able to have a sound nights’ sleep.

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