Hepar sulph

This remedy is useful in many cases where there is infection and pus formation. It helps to induce suppuration and clear the infection. The skin may be red and swollen with the pressure of the infection underneath making the area very hot and painful. It is sometimes referred to as the homœopathic antibiotic. It may be of use wherever there is infection including ear, chest, throat, teeth, etc. I’ve used this remedy successfully for some types of toothache.

For sore throats, just like Merc sol, there may be infected tonsils containing pus with bad breath. In the case of hepar sulph, there is a distinct preference for warm drinks and anything cold aggravates the patient and their symptoms. There is a characteristic splinter sensation in the throat that feels like a fish bone stuck there. Stabbing pains are characteristic, with a sense of weakness.

There may be herpatic eruptions or cracks in the corner of the mouth.

The patient feels extremely cold and any exposure to cold aggravates them. They may be short tempered or irritable. There may be increased salivation and a metallic taste in the mouth.

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