Liquid mercury

Merc sol is my go to remedy for sore throats. The throat is very swollen and painful with a raw sore feeling. Also, toothache, gumboil, aphthae, tonsillitis with pus on the tonsils may be helped with this remedy.

It is used to help resolve pus. This may be a tooth abscess, chronic acne or chronic discharges that don’t respond to other remedies. The discharges may have an offensive smell. Non-healing ulcers, abscesses or boils may respond to this remedy. Even perspiration may have an offensive smell.

It is a good remedy for bad breath, increased salivation, a salty or metallic taste in the mouth.

Earache with pains from ear to teeth with smelly, bloody discharge.

Cough with blood in the sputum. Cough in double bouts. Pain goes from right side through to the back.

The symptoms may be worse at night. They may come on after a change in the weather to cold and wet. There may be enlarged lymph glands. There are a lot of chills with the fever and alternating heat and chill with profuse perspiration. They can’t quite find the right temperature to be in and have no preference for either hot or cold drinks.

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