This remedy is useful for strains and sprains. It helps after any overexertion. This can be anywhere on the body so will be helpful for sprained ankles, back strains from heavy lifting and exertions of the vocal cords leading to hoarseness.

One of the keynote symptoms is that there is more pain on beginning to move, as the part warms up and the person has moved around for a bit, the pain is less. So it is also useful for chronic pains such as those associated with arthritis. A cute euphemism often referred to in homœopathy, is that this remedy is known as the “rusty gate remedy”.

Other symptoms to look out for are restlessness, better with warm applications, worse from cold and damp, worse at night.

Rhus tox is also very useful for skin complaints. The symptoms will be intense itchiness and redness. After scratching, there maybe yellow, serous fluid coming out of the small red pimples. This can sometimes be seen after scratching itchy insect bites. I have found it useful for the irritation of sand fly bites and scrub itch from grass ticks. It can help relieve skin symptoms in some infections such as chicken pox and shingles.

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