I have been studying and practicing various aspects of natural medicine since 1993 beginning with aromatherapy and massage. This interest evolved into other aspects of natural medicine.

After suffering from endometriosis for 15 years, I experienced relief with homeopathy within 6 months of treatment. I then went on to study homeopathy in depth. I therefore have an affinity for women’s health issues as this is closest to my heart.

I hold a strong belief in traditional, whole foods as the foundation for health and well being. I aim to teach people the principals of traditional food preparation and how this benefits health. To complement this I have now completed studies in Nutritional Medicine.​

Why is it my mission in life to help people create healthy pregnancies and create the family they desire?

Because I understand what people are going through if they are not becoming pregnant as easily as they’d like as I have been there.

I struggled with painful, irregular and heavy periods since my menarche. I ran the gauntlet of all the standard medical treatments which gradually lowered my level of health. After 5 years of intense pelvic pains, I was diagnosed with endometriosis – a medically incurable disease. I had surgical treatment which helped for awhile then when the pains returned I was offered drugs that would essentially leave me sterile. I had just gotten married and dearly wanted to have a child so these drugs were not what I wanted. I was treated by a homeopath that helped me to completely overcome endometriosis and I went on to deliver a healthy son. This was a joy.

Although there was a desire to have another child, it proved difficult for me to conceive again. After 3 years, I did become pregnant but unfortunately lost the pregnancy. It was a difficult time in my marriage. Without support and knowing about alternative treatments that could help us to conceive another child, the relationship fell apart. It was a deeply painful experience, one that took many years to come to terms with.

I have now studied what aspects of our lives and environment affect fertility and what can be done to resolve these issues. This includes understanding why I had difficulties in having a second child – I was severely hypothyroid.

I have completed comprehensive post graduate studies to help couples  to create healthy pregnancies who maybe having difficulties in doing so.

Jayne Evans
Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
Diploma of Homeopathy
Certificate in Aromatherapy
Member of the Baby Maker Network